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When it comes to developing safe, user-friendly packaging for knives and blades, VisiPak has the right solution for you.  From our popular trapped blister packs to clear plastic packaging tubes that double as storage containers, manufacturers of knives and blades turn to VisiPak for options.  

Product Integrity & Security

Trapped blister packaging is the most popular packaging options with knife companies as these packages offer a combination of security, accessibility, and product visibility.

Trapped blisters consist of a plastic thermoformed cavity that heat-sealed within cardboard backing on both front and back.  This style of packaging prevents the knives from moving during transportation and handling which helps minimize damage.

Close-up of Trapped Blister Packaging for Knives

Product Visibility

Trapped blister packaging is also a popular option due to its ability to showcase the product while ensuring it stays securely in place. The transparent plastic blister provides consumers with a clear view of the knife, allowing them to examine its quality, design, and features before making a purchase.

Close-up of Trapped Blister Packaging for Knives

Packaging Tubes

Many blade producers also use VisiPak tubes to serve both the packaging and storage functions. Shown here is a clear plastic packaging tube holding long bread cutting blades used in commercial bakeries.

Blades in Tubes Packaging

Benefits of Plastic Packaging for your Knife or Blades

Product Protection Icon

Product Protection

The packaging provides a barrier against moisture, dust, and physical damage, ensuring that knives reach customers in pristine condition.

Tamper Resistant Icon

Tamper Resistance

Sealed plastic packaging is tamper-evident, assuring consumers that the knife has not been interfered with before purchase.

Cost Effective Icon


Plastic packaging is often more affordable than other materials, making it an economical choice for both manufacturers and consumers.

Customization Icon


Plastic can be molded into various shapes and sizes, accommodating different knife designs and styles.

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