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Decorating Options for Plastic Tube Packaging

One of the primary purposes of using clear plastic tube packaging is that it allows one to display the product enclosed.  Of course, most consumer packages still require branding elements, descriptive content, and UPC codes to be applied.  With a variety of decorating options, VisiPak can help turn almost any tube into a retail friendly package.  Options include:



The primary benefit to using labels is that labels provide greater graphic details and can be printed with up to 6 colors.  Plus, with VisiPak’s high speed labeling equipment, tubes can often be processed so quickly that costs are often less or comparable to screen printed tubes.  

  • Excellent graphic detail in up to 6 colors
  • Labels can include UPC codes
  • High speed application to tubing with diameters from 1” through 4”
  • Label heights up to 8-1/2” and label lengths up to 10”
  • Patented machine design ensure wrinkle free labeling
  • Minimums of approximately 5,000 tubes typically apply
 Screen Printing  

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very cost effective method for printing whereby graphics can be rolled onto nearly the entire surface of the tubes.  It is ideal for 1 color graphics, but it can be used for creating two color graphics as well.  This 2-color capability is evident in the images shown here of a package designed to hold wire brushes for percussionists. 

  • Very cost effective for tubes with large print areas and single color prints
  • Nearly 360° coverage
  • Low minimums
Pad Printing   

Pad Printing

Multi-color pad printing is an option for smaller tube packages that only require printing on one side of the tube.  Unlike screen printing or labels that are rolled onto the tubes, pad printing is limited in the diameter of the tube that it can decorate.


Shrink Sleeves/Bands

Ideal for applications where a tamperproof tube is required, Shrink Sleeves are labels that slide over the tube and then are heated to form a tight seal.  Some VisiPak customers utilize these sleeves or bands near the top of the package so that they can provide a tamper resistant package while still utilizing the benefits associated with VisiPaks’s clear tube packaging.

  • 360° “bold look” graphics provide excellent  consumer appeal
  • Optional tamperproof features for consumer peace of mind
  • Easy opening features with easy tear perforations
  • Great for bundle packs
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