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When considering your options for high volume bath bomb packaging applications, VisiPak is a clear choice as a potential supplier.  Our stock lines of clamshell boxes and tubing containers are an ideal option for smaller volume suppliers, while our ability to design and manufacture custom thermoformed trays, containers and clamshells leads the industry.

Bath Bomb Clamshell Packaging

VisiPak's clamshells containers are essentially hinged boxes that not only provide protection during shipping and storage, but provide a great way for one to merchandise its bath bombs.

VisiPak offers over 200 stock clamshells - many of which can be used to hold many bath bombs.  We also specialize in making higher volume clamshells and trays including egg cell trays designed to provide added protection and merchandising opportunities.

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Clamshell Bath Bomb Boxes

Bath Bomb Packaging Tubes

While the most popular packaging used in this industry appears to be bath bomb boxes, VisiPak tubular containers have a few key advantages over these packages.

360° Viewing

Unlike many bath bomb boxes, VisiPak's clear plastic tubes provide 360° viewing so that customers can see what they are buying and the bath bombs stand out more on the store shelf.

Plus, tubes can be easily branded with adhesive labels or printed packaging inserts.

Tubular Bath Bomb Packaging Containers

Ongoing Storage with Watertight & Airtight Seals

There is little debate that keeping bath bombs fresh is important.  Fresh bath bombs provide more fizz and bubbles and, generally speaking, provide for a more enjoyable experience.  VisiPak tubes and containers can be outfitted with a number of different caps and closures to provide the airtight seal to keep bath bombs fresh...even after the first time the package is opened. 

Perhaps equally important to maintaining an airtight seal is protecting the bath bombs from exposure to water or moisture.  Friction fit closures can provide this watertight seal.

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Bath Bomb Packaging Tube with Cap

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