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VisiPak products are sold by sales teams in our facilities throughout the world. Please visit our locations page for information regarding your particular area. In the United States we stock many items that can be purchased in our online store and shipped to locations in the USA.

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Phone: 1-800-949-1141
Fax: 636-282-6888

In addition, our online store includes many stock products available for immediate shipment. Ordering online is fast and easy!

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Phone: 1-800-949-1141
Fax: 636-282-6888

If a part is not a stock item, we can easily provide price, delivery, etc., after addressing a few specific requirements. We also provide free samples.

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General Inquiries

All inquiries related to our products are forwarded to a Regional Account Manager. Our account managers share the North American region and your inquiry will be distributed according to the state/country that you entered on the form. If you are contacting us from outside the North American region, your inquiry will be directed to our location responsible for your region. For reference, view our world wide locations.

If you submit a question or comment of any other nature, your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person for further review.

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