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Packaging & Shipping Trays

Thermoformed trays can be as simple as an opened, flat-bottom tray or designed and formed to specific shapes for containing individual items.  By definition a tray helps to contain or transport items and this applies to the industrial sector as well as to consumer goods.  Using the black plastic thermoformed tray shown on the right, an industrial component is stored and transported through an assembly line. In this example, the product/component is protected and visible. 

Another use for trays is to contain individual pieces that are part of a larger product.  The filled tray slides into an outer packaging, protecting the parts inside.  Combine a clear plastic tray of this type with a clear box and let your product speak for itself!


Material Thickness 
Trays are manufactured from material thicknesses ranging from .007 inches to .047 inches. 

PVC, PETG, and PET are the most commonly used materials. 

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Packaging Tray


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