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When it comes to developing packaging for dice or games that feature dice, Visipak offers a number of solutions including both packaging tubes and thermoformed trays designed to hold dice, cards, tokens and other game pieces.

Tube Packaging

VisiPak's packaging tubes come in a variety of sizes and shapes with multiple stock options as well as solutions customized to your exact needs.

  • Stock packaging tubes are available in round, square and other shapes and can be cut to virtually any length.
  • Tubes can be outfitted with a variety of bottom closures and feature caps with  hang tabs, anti-roll features or more.
  • Tubes can be direct printed or sized to accommodate labels for merchandising purposes.
Tube Dice Packaging

Thermoformed Packaging

Our extensive experience in designing and developing thermoformed trays also make VisiPak an ideal partner for manufacturing trays to hold dice, playing cards, tokens and other game pieces.

  • Our team can produce precision thermoformed trays with cavities designed to provide a friction fit hold on dice to keep them in place.
  • Our team can manufacture deep drawn trays for holding larger game pieces.
  • Visipak has also manufactured a number of thermoformed solutions for packaging all types game and playing cards.
Dice Masters Tray

Integrated Solutions

Whether you need help integrating graphics or figuring out how to develop an entire package to merchandise or store dice, our team can help.

For instance, not only did VisiPak supply the tubes and plugs for this dice game, but built the entire package by adding the blister pack, preventing any temptation to tamper with the game pieces. This is truly an all in one solution.

Dice Blister Packaging

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