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Clear plastic containers by VisiPak are comprised of a versatile line of tubes, caps and closures. Mix and match a variety of options to create the ideal packaging tube container for your application. Just follow these easy 1-2-3 steps to get the most amazing clear plastic container package!

Step 1: Pick a Size & Shape

  • Round tubes from 3/16" to 5"
  • Unlimited lengths with no tooling
  • Rectangles, squares, ovals & triangles

Step 2: Pick a Bottom

  • Flexible PermaSeal
  • Rigid PermaSeal
  • Multiple Closures

Step 3: Pick a Top

  • Caps and Plugs
  • Multiple Hanging Options
  • Many Styles and Colors

Step 1Pick a Size & Shape

VisiPak offers the industry’s most extensive line of clear plastic packaging tubes in 5 popular shapes – all available in virtually unlimited lengths with no tooling charges.

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Step 2Pick a Bottom

Most tubes are converted into PermaSeal clear plastic containers with the addition of a clear plastic bottom that is permanently sealed onto the tube, but other options exist, both standard and custom.

Step 3Pick a Top

21 Unique Styles

From clear plastic hanger plugs to friction-fit vinyl closures, our selection of tops is second to none. Plus, if you want a special size or style, we can make it. Any of these choices compliment the tube creating a unique clear plastic container package.

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Poly Plugs
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Poly Caps
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Hanger Plugs
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Hanger Caps
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Vinyl Caps
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Additional Options

Decorating & Labels

To complete your package, our design team can print your tubes on our full-color presses, apply labels on our high speed equipment or assist with sourcing other graphics or shrink bands so your clear plastic container package stands out in a crowd.

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Decorating & Security Options

  • Custom cap and plug colors
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Labeling
  • Pad printing
  • Shrink sleeves/Bands

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Specialty Packaging Tubes & Containers

Over the years our clear plastic containers have been an excellent source for specialty packaging. As demand grew for specific types of tube packaging, VisiPak developed product lines of clear plastic tubes specific to the growing industries, making it easier for the consumers. For added convenience most of these are available for online purchase.

Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes, plastic shipping tubes, clear plastic shipping tubes, plastic shipping tubes manufacturer

Mailing Tubes Increase response rates on direct mail pieces.

View Product Line

Donation Cans, clear plastic cans, clear plastic can, clear plastic cans manufacturer

Donation CansClear plastic containers with coin-slot tops.

View Product Line

Golf Ball Tube Packaging, clear golf ball tube packaging, clear golf ball tube packaging manufacturer

Golf Ball TubesPrint your artwork directly on the tube.

View Product Line

Party Favor Tubes, clear plastic tubes, clear plastic tubes manufacturer, clear plastic tube, clear plastic party favor tube manufacturer

Party Favor TubesShow off the candy with clear packaging titles.

View Product Line

Clear Plastic Threaded Containers, clear threaded containers, clear threaded containers manufacturer, clear plastic threaded container

Threaded ContainersAdd threads to a clear tube.

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Ideal for All Types of Merchandising

VisiPak tube packaging and containers are as versatile as they are attractive. They can be designed to hang on a wall, stand on a shelf or fill a POP display.


Prohm-tectPOP Display

See how Prohm-tect combined a PermaSeal clear plastic container tube with multiple colors of vinyl friction fit caps that not only made the display pop, but quickly identified the products in the display by the Formula specified.

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Tabletop POP Display with Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes

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