Custom Clamshells

Custom Clamshells Containing ProductsCombine with colorful header cards
for complete packaging solution.

Clearly a visual advantage, a thermoformed clamshell adds shape to the presentation of your product.  Bring us your most complex project and our highly-skilled engineers will customize a clamshell design to meet your specifications. Your product and its most precise details will show clearly inside while protecting your product from the environment and against theft on store shelves.

Gallery Featuring Custom Thermoformed Clamshells

Product Information

  • Clamshells nesting feature decreases shipping and storage costs
  • Prototypes
    • Lead Time: 2 weeks
    • Prototype Charges will apply
      • Includes initial request plus one revision
      • Additional fees for each revision thereafter
    • Prototype Samples: 5 samples available per prototype or revision
    • Prototype parts are made without plug assist so the cavity wall is thinner and less consistent throughout
    • All prototype samples are primitive lab samples and are for fit testing only
  • Production Parts
    • Will be production quality
    • Will be crystal clear
    • Will have hang hole
    • Will be die cut, not hand cut
    • Will have thicker feel and consistency
  • Production tooling typically consists of a single or dual side cavity build-out
    • Economical tooling cost quoted per project
  • Production lead time is 6-8 weeks after approval of the prototype
    • Subsequent orders will be produced with a 3- 4 week lead time
  • Minimum order quantity approximately 5,000 pieces
  • It is advised to send a clamshell sample to your header card supplier for testing

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