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Lint AlertWhen you purchase clear packaging from VisiPak many value-added options are available for creating the perfect packaging solution. We can produce the packaging and structure a complete contract packaging program for your project. If your project does not require a full scale contract packaging program, choose only the services needed. For each specific value added service, such as printing, we can work with your design to deliver high-quality printed results. Assembly, warehousing, fulfillment are all options available for your consideration. Please read below for all options and details.

Package Decorating

Decorating a box is determined prior to production while tube decorating follows after production. Graphic artwork for printing directly on a clear box is typically supplied when orders are placed.

The tube package, once it is manufactured, moves into our decorating department for the application of labels, graphics or other decorating options.

VisiPak partners with Printing & Packaging, Inc. for our StockClam clamshell insert cards and blister pack header cards. For your convenience, you can easily select a template that matches all of our Stockclam sizes from the Printing & Packaging website (links below).

Folding Box & Carton Decorating   Plastic Tube & Container Decorating  Insert Cards for Clamshells 

Contract Packaging

VisiPak offers an excellent way to control the full scope of a project from start to finish. Whether industrial or traditional retail packaging, VisiPak becomes your partner in meeting the demands necessary to complete your project according to your deadline. We begin with engineering design and continue through production, assembly and fulfillment. The combination of providing these units to you as a whole allows us the flexibility to adjust when new deadlines are imposed while giving you the peace of mind to know the project is under one umbrella and not scattered over various suppliers.

Packed Under One Roof For Nutritional Benefits

A Case Study from VisiPak with a complete start to finish contract packaging program. Learn More

1VisiPak takes your productCastle Bay Iron Covers

2Designs a packageClamshell

3Assembles and packs your productSoftek Iron Covers

4So you and your clients can play!Castle Bay Golf Bag Covers

Packaging Research & Design

The variety of clear packaging from VisiPak includes extruded tubes, thermoformed clamshells, trays, blisters and boxes. Our portfolio shows many examples, and one of our featured designs is shown here. The unique plug insert retains the position of the product inside, on both the rectangular and round tubes.

Our in-house design engineers have accumulated an expansive amount of experience consulting for our various packaging options and would be happy to provide a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to assist you in finding which option will be the right packaging solution for your product.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design Services

Packaging Production

Once the package style is chosen and any custom design work is completed, the project moves to VisiPak's manufacturing operation for production of the actual package. VisiPak capabilities include:


  • Clear Plastic Tubes & Tubing
  • Plastic Tube Containers
  • Mailing Tubes


  • Clamshells, over 140 stocked sizes
  • Semi-Custom Clamshells
  • Custom Thermoformed Packaging
  • Blister Packs
  • Trays, Packaging, Shipping, Storage

Injection Molding

  • Caps and Plugs for Tubes, Tubing and Containers
  • Plastic Vials

Clear Plastic Folding Boxes and Cartons are processed from the finest box-grade plastics, designed to specifications and completed with a choice of decorating options.

Assembly & Sub-assembly

Armed with the completed and decorated package as well as any graphical inserts or labels, VisiPak turns to inserting the product into the package, sealing it and packing it into shippers or P-O-P displays. Sealing options can include:

  • Clamshell Assembly and Sealing
  • Heat Sealing & Shrink Sleeves
  • RF Sealing
  • Ultrasonic Sealing

Warehousing, Distribution, & Fulfillment

As the final step in the process, VisiPak offers a variety of methods to help bring your final product to market. Completed units can be warehoused in our centrally located facility for shipment at future dates or other fulfillment programs can be developed.

Project Management

The greatest benefit of using VisiPak as your contract packaging supplier is that we can manage all of these activities in one area with one team of packaging professionals.

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