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VisiPak packaging tubes can be outfitted with a number of different bottoms to transform them into containers.  The most commonly used bottoms are clear plugs that are sealed into the tube to create our line of PermaSeal containers.  However, many of our tops can also function as bottoms and we have the ability to manufacture custom bottoms to meet your exact needs. Do you want to see all of the additional options included with our containers? Please visit our main plastic tube containers page.

Tube Bottom Options

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Rigid Bottoms

The rigid bottom insert used in our containers are ideal for most retail packaging applications as they feature excellent clarity, light weight and are approved materials for packaging by all major retailers.

  • Recyclable & FDA approved
  • Excellent clarity and light weight
  • Made from approved PETG and propionate materials
Rigid PermaSeal Containers
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Flexible Bottoms

Our flexible bottom inserts are ideal for packaging heavy or sharp items like drill bits or cutting tools. The bottoms possess elastic properties as well as a longer skirt that adds strength to the seal of the container.

  • Flexible bottoms absorb weight and stress
  • Material will not split or crack under pressure
  • Flexible bottom inserts record the highest impact strength in the industry
Flexible PermaSeal Containers
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Other Options

While the majority of the packaging containers we produce utilize our clear plastic bottom inserts, many standard and customized options exist including completely custom dip or injection molded closures.

  • Poly plugs & caps with flat bottoms
  • Vinyl caps for tubes that don't need to stand
  • Custom molded bottoms like the ones shown above

Other Options

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