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The art…or craft of beadwork has been a popular activity with people for generations, but when America’s favorite performer started encouraging her fans to make friendship bracelets, “beading” was taken to a whole new level.

VisiPak Bead Packaging Options

One of the elements hobbyists, artists and others enjoy about beadwork is the ability to create fun, unique and colorful designs that allow them to express their emotions, accessorize their outfits and more.  Of course, this typically requires one to organize and store a large number of beads and VisiPak is leading the way with a number of different bead containers for both storage and merchandising. 

  • Bead Tubes - VisiPak offers hundreds of styles, sizes and cap and closure options for packaging beads.
  • Clamshell Packaging - VisiPak's stock clamshells are ideal when more space for promotional messaging is desired.
  • Clamshell Trays - These innovative packages are ideal for merchandising beading kits and more.
Reusable Bead Packaging

Tubes, Clamshells & Trays

With extensive manufacturing capabilities in plastic extrusion, thermoforming and molding, VisiPak has become the trusted packaging source for bead suppliers around the world.

Tube Containers

VisiPak's packaging tubes come in a variety of sizes and shapes with multiple stock options as well as customized solutions.

  • VisiPak's clear plastic tubes feature 360° viewing, are available in round, square and other shapes, and can be cut to virtually any length.
  • Bead tubes can be outfitted with a variety of bottom closures and feature caps with hang tabs, pop tops and anti-roll features.
  • Tubes can be direct printed or sized to accommodate labels for merchandising purposes.

Clear Plastic Containers

VisiPak Bead Tubes featuring hang tops and pop tops

Clamshell Packaging

VisiPak's line fo stock clamshells are ideal for those looking for a little added merchandising for their bead packaging.

  • Clamshells often have space for printed insert cards one can use to publish branding, selling points, directions and more.
  • Multiple sealing options are available for those looking for a more secure package.
  • Over 200 stock designs with the ability to make custom clamshells for larger volume applications.

Clamshell Packages

Stock clamshell packages with beads in them

Clamshell Trays

For those looking to merchandise multiple beads or include other accessories in the package, VisiPak's innovative line of clamshell trays is the answer.

  • Clamshell trays can be designed in many configurations with multiple sizes and styles of cavities.
  • Seven standard designs with the ability to make custom clamshells for larger volume applications.
  • Can be hung, stacked on shelves or merchandised in displays.

Clamshell Trays

Clamshell Tray Bead Packaging

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