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Clamshell packaging has been a popular choice among manufacturers for decades as it allows consumers to view the product while minimizing theft and damage.  Clamshell containers are durable and can be used with interchangeable printed inserts so that one plastic clamshell can often be used to package a number of products that are similar in size.  Finally, empty clamshells nest well which minimize shipping costs and reduces the need for storage space.

With options for stock, semi-custom, or completely custom clamshells, VisiPak can work with you to supply the best type of clamshell packaging for your needs.

 Stock Clamshells  

Stock Clamshells

Choose from over 170 popular sizes available in stock and ready to ship.  Made from clear plastic, these clamshells require no tooling costs and can be purchased in small quantities at direct from manufacturer prices. 

 Semi Custom Clamshells  

Semi-Custom Clamshells

Semi-custom clamshells utilize standard mold bases with customized inserts.  This option allows one to custom design the “bubble” that holds the product while utilizing existing tooling for the hanging feature and the base of the package that holds the insert card.  It is a cost effective alternative to a designing a completely custom package for many applications.  Clamshells can be made in a variety of materials with the most common being PVC, PET, and PETG.

 Custom Clamshells  

Custom Clamshells

For applications requiring a uniquely designed “bubble”, non-standard wall thickness, or special size, VisiPak can develop a custom clamshell to meet your exact specifications.


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