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All Things Plastic

Questioning plastics is easy. The answers are not that simple.

VisiPak, in collaboration with Sinclair & Rush, Inc., introduces "The Planet", a series about all things plastic. We will attempt to provide an unbiased, scientifically based, and honest dialogue to help you make an educated decision about plastics and their alternatives. By exposing varying viewpoints about plastics, our hope is for all to find understanding that benefits Our Planet.

Although the  "Our Planet" series is designed to be read in succession, we welcome you to select any subject of interest to you.

The Planet

The Emotions That Guide Us

Imagine a World Without Plastic?

No. Really. Try to Imagine It

The Seven Plastics
Can You Identify All Seven?

Look Around. They're Everywhere!

Crude Oil - The Original Plastic Source

Where Does It Come From?

Emissions and Plastics

Emissions. Exactly What Are We Talking About?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Is There a Right Way?

The State of Recycling

What is the Data on Recycling?

Quote / Samples

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