Clear Tube Packaging does not have to be round. For creative display and a dramatic effect, or to conform to a product's shape, consider one of the following.

The clear tubing shown in these images are extruded and can be can customized with printing, labeling, punching, slicing, crimping or other fabrications to create the most unique and functional package. Our Clear Plastic Packaging has amazing clarity. Both the tube containers and the open-end tubes are made-to-order so you can specify the required length of clear tubing up to 12 feet. When paired up with one of our many styles of closures, our tubes create containers for packaging cosmetics, beads, crafts, hardware, toys, and so much more.

As a multi-process manufacturer with diverse lines in extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming - VisiPak provides competitive, innovative packaging, boasting 100% material utilization through combined processes with redeeming environmental benefits.

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Square Tubes & Containers

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Square Tubes

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Rectangle Tubes & Containers

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Oval Tubes & Containers

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Triangle Tubes & Containers

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