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ProductsClear Plastic Tubes

Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes

While most of the clear plastic tubes that we manufacture at VisiPak are converted into some type of tubular packaging container, each container actually starts as an extruded clear plastic tube. If you are only interested in buying the clear plastic tubes, or clear plastic tubes with caps for each end, we are happy to help you.

Stock Round Plastic Tubes
with Caps

We stock clear plastic tubes in diameters from 3/16" to 5" in diameter in both PETG and propionate in 18", 48" and 72" lengths.  Tubes can also be extruded to your desired length and are available with 13 different cap and plug options.

Round Plastic Tubes

Round Tubes

Stock Square Plastic Tubes
with Caps

The VisiPak line of square plastic tubes made in clear PETG material range in size from 3/8" to 1-1/4" and are stocked in 48" lengths.  These tubes can also be extruded to your desired length and are available with our rugged, yet flexible vinyl caps. 

Square Plastic Tubes

Square Tubes

Standard Extruded-to-Length Tubes

While minimum orders apply, the VisiPak team can also work with you to produce clear plastic tubes in the exact lengths you desire.  View “extruded-to-length” tubes being made in this video.

  • No tooling charges
  • Available with a variety of wall thicknesses
  • Over 40 standard sizes

Rectangular, triangular and oval tubes are also available.

ContainersNeed a Fixed Bottom Container?

While similar to our packaging tubes, VisiPak is also known for its extensive line of packaging tube containers.  These containers feature permanently sealed bottoms with a wide variety of tops.  You can learn more about our line of these clear plastic tube containers by clicking on the link below.

Clear Plastic Containers

Tube Containers

Specialty Packaging Tubes

While most of our clear plastic tubes with caps are used in retail packaging applications, we also produce tubes for shipping and mailing applications and specialty tubes like our innovative hang tubes.

Industrial Icon

Industrial Shipping Tubes

Our heavy-wall, clear plastic packaging tubes are often combined with our durable, yet flexible vinyl caps to create shipping tubes that protect sensitive industrial parts  like springs, magnets, and cutting tools. 

Retail Icon

Hang Tubes 

These convenient, ready-to-hang, tube packages are perfect for retail use, yet tough enough for industrial applications. The innovative design features a hanger tab built into the sealed end of the package.  Hang Tubes.

Food Icon

Mailing Tubes

VisiPak clear mailing tubes are an ideal shipping alternative for increasing response rates on direct mail pieces or simply adding to the aesthetic appeal of a mailer.  Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes.

Unique Applications

Orange Screw


This innovative product featured a heavyweight tube that not only provided protection, but served as a lever.  Read Case Study.

Structural Tubes


With an acrylic-like look, this thick-wall structural tubing is easily fabricated and ideal for temporary POP displays.

Tara Donovan Tubes


Acclaimed artist Tara Donovan used VisiPak tubes to create this innovative tube sculpture.  Read Case Study.

Explore the "Our Work" section of the website for unique and creative ideas for packaging tubes before you design your next project.

Our Work

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