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Info CenterWhy Choose Clear Plastic Packaging

Interested in clear plastic packaging? This study by researchers at Clemson University reveals the following:

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You have approximately 3 seconds to attract a buyers’ attention

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Eye tracking study showed clear packaging gets 575% more fixations that were 5X longer

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Products packaged in clear clamshells got 500% more purchases than those in boxes

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Clear packages were 55% easier to find

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Of course, clear packaging comes in a variety of forms and the decision for which type to use depends on a number of variables. In this section of our website, we explore the four primary types of clear plastic packaging using eight criteria.

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Eyetracking research

Primary Forms of Clear Plastic Packaging

Clamshell Packaging


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Blister Packaging


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Tubes & Containers


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Thermoformed Containers Packaging


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Design Consideration Criteria

Once you make the choice to use clear packaging, you can follow these general guidelines to assist you in developing the best packaging solution for your product.

  • Merchandising Options
  • Assembly
  • Product Size & Weight
  • Decorating Options
  • Piece Price
  • Accessibility & Security
  • Design & Mold Cost
  • Ongoing Usage

Learn About Design Considerations

Design Considerations Packaging Examples
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