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VisiPak offers a number of candle packaging solutions including our popular line of stock and standard packaging tubes that are idea for storing and merchandising all types of candles.

Votive Candles

Our clear plastic packaging tubes are especially ideal for packaging smaller votive candles that require a package than can act as both a merchandising and storage solution.

Visipak tubes are also a great alternative to candle boxes as they offer 360° viewing so potential customers can easily view each candle in the package.  Tubes can also be fit with friction fit lids so that customers can open the package and smell the candles without damaging the container.

Votive Candle Packaging Tubes with candles in them

Tealight Candle Packaging

Given that tea lights are often sold in larger quantities, they tend to be a perfect fit for VisiPak's tube packaging.

The rigid plastic tube containers typically feature a sealed bottom that provides a water and airtight seal making them a much better storage container than corrugate candle boxes or flimsy, folding plastic cartons.

Tealight Packaging Tubes with multiple candles

Wax Melt Clamshells

One of the most popular candle packaging products is our standard eight cavity wax melt clamshell.  It's tray section can be hot-filled with 0.625 ounces of wax to form eight separate wax tarts.  The top of the clamshell tray package then protects the wax tarts and accommodates labels, directions, etc. 

This 8-pocket clamshell is available for online purchase, but VisiPak also works with large volume producers to create custom clamshells and other options for packaging your wax melts.

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8 cavity wax melt clamshell

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Looking for graphics, header cards, inserts or blister cards for your new package? VisiPak is proud to work with trusted partners like Printing and Packaging, Inc. to ensure our customers get a complete package solution.

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