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Since products come in all shapes and sizes, it's not uncommon that trays or other inserts need to be designed and manufactured to make a package more functional.  Our design team has developed a number of solutions over the years to help accomplish the goals of our clients.

Insert to Store Product

The insert was designed to hold and store two silicone covers with a built-in disc to separate the two. It featured easy-to-use button seals so that it could be re-used over and over by the end consumer.

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Insert to Display Product Better

For Fur Zapper, we designed a simple moon-shaped thermoformed insert that integrated with the custom formed cavity.  This insert allowed the products to be stacked in a staggered manner so consumers could easily see that the package contained 2 Fur Zappers.

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Insert Protects & Separates

Yoga Toes wanted to fully display its product in a clear folding carton, but needed extra room for information both inside and outside the package.  Messaging and graphics were printed next to the clear window area on the carton and and insert was designed to not only keep the product in place, but house more product information.

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Packaging Insert Trays

The most common inserts we do are packaging insert trays that slide into some form of folding carton.  Many times, trays are used to hold a variety of components in place, but they can also be used for a single item. You can learn more about our capabilities and experience with designing and manufacturing packaging insert trays by visiting the Trays section of our website.

Packaging Insert Trays

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