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Thermoformed TraysClamshell Trays

Need to cover your tray? Clamshell trays are essentially thermoformed trays designed with a hinged lid or cover. They are manufactured as a one-piece solution and can incorporate rail or button sealing mechanisms.

Cupcake Clamshell Tray

Cupcake Clamshell Trays

Looking for a better way to protect and promote their world-class, extra-tall cupcakes, Jilly's Cupcakes worked with VisiPak to design a group of custom clamshell trays. To further enhance the custom tray, the company name and logo is embossed on the lids.

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Clamshell Tray for Golf Balls

Golf Ball Packaging

These clear plastic, egg-carton-style clamshell trays are ideal solution for the packaging of used and reclaimed golf balls.  They provide potential customers with the ability to see the product and are much more appealing than cheap plastic bags or bulk bins. 

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Yakima Custom Container

Custom Container for Yakima

This innovative packaging insert includes two separate clamshell for the locks and one for the keys.  It was designed to be inserted into a hanging cardboard package so that customers could easily see the two primary components.

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Clamshell tray for Rifle Cleaning Kit

Kit Packaging + Merchandising 

For this clamshell tray, our design team developed a custom tray with individual sections and cavities to hold each item in the kit.  Rather than inserting this tray in corrugated box, it was converted to a clear clamshell tray so the contents were easily viewed.

ClamTray Clamshells

As part of our line of over 200 stock clamshell packages, VisiPak offers a number of standard clamshell trays. These trays require no tooling charges, no design fees and samples are readily available for testing.

Eight Cavity Clamshell for Wax Cube Melts

The Visipak team designed this eight cavity clamshell tray in a material that would allow it to be hot-filled to form wax or cube melts. Each cavity, or pocket, holds 0.625 ounces of wax and the tray is available for online purchase.

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8-Cavity wax tart or wax cube clamshell package

Complete Packaging Solutions

Our design team can also work with you to integrate graphics or design internal clamshell trays like we did for this supplier of a women's fashion item.

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Clamshell Insert Tray in package of bra accessory

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