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ProductsClamshell Trays

Need to cover your tray? Clamshell trays are essentially thermoformed trays designed with a hinged lid or cover.  They are manufactured as a one-piece solution and can incorporate rail or button sealing mechanisms.

Cupcake Clamshell Trays

Looking for a better way to package and promote their world-class cupcakes, Jilly's Cupcakes worked with VisiPak to design a group of clamshell trays featuring a custom designed tray with embossed lids featuring their company name and logo.

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Golf Ball Packaging

Prior to rolling out our line of golf ball clamshell trays, companies selling used and re-claimed golf balls were typically just packaging the balls in cheap plastic bags or in bulk bins.  With VisiPak golf ball clamshell trays, these same companies could now merchandise their offering with other golf balls while still allowing the customer to easily view each ball in the package.

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