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Semi-Custom ClamshellFurZapper Laundry Accessory

Our customer was looking for a way to package two of its innovative new "fur zappers" in a package that would display the product in an attractive manner.

  • Clearly show two separate FurZappers
  • Create a solution that was timely and cost effective

Fur Zapper

The DesignThe lightweight product was going to be merchandised on a peg wall so a hanger feature was required.

However, the most challenging part of the design involved creating a cavity that held the products in place while clearly showing that the package contained two FurZappers.

Fur Zapper

The Semi-Custom Solution

Given the need to show both products and limit the movement of the FurZappers within the package, we ruled out the use of one of our standard, stock clamshells.

Save Time and MoneyCustom Cavity with a Standard Mold Base

To save time and money, however, we opted to create a custom cavity using one of the standard mold bases in our Semi-Custom clamshell line.

Product ProtectionCustom Thermoformed Insert

To get the products to stack nicely in the package, we developed a thermoformed insert to hold one FurZapper in place so another could be stacked on top.

Product BrandingGraphic Card Insert

VisiPak's design team helped coordinate the specifying and vendor selection for the printing of the graphical insert card.

Fur Zapper

FurZapperThe Complete Package

By using a standard mold base, modifying the cavity and adding an inexpensive thermoformed insert, Visipak's design team was able to create a very cost effective package in a timely manner that satisfied all of the design requirements.

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