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ClamshellGila Window Film Kit

Our design team started with a standard mold base and created a semi-custom clamshell with multiple functions in a quick and cost-effective manner.

  • Add a feature that would allow clamshell to stand
  • Create extra cavity to display assembly tools
  • Assist with specification of graphical insert card


The DesignModify a stock clamshell with custom feet and insert cavity.

Consideration for how the components will be packed and how the graphic insert card will be placed inside the clamshell is critical when designing.


The Semi-Custom Solution

While we started with a standard clamshell, our design team added some key elements to customize the package to Gila’s specific needs.

Modification #1Hang or Stand on a Shelf

While the existing clamshell featured an eyelet that would allow the package to hang on a peg wall, our design team modified the mold to incorporate a molded foot that would allow the package to stand upright on a shelf too.

Modification #2Clearly Display Contents

It was deemed very important that the package clearly reveal to the customer that an edging tool and squeegee were included along with the window film application solution. By integrating a small custom-designed insert into the front cavity of the clamshell, these items could be stacked in a manner that simplified packing while also providing the consumer with a clear view of all contents.


GilaThe Complete Package

By starting with a stock design, our design team was able to test and deploy different concepts quickly and cost effectively in an effort to develop a package that accomplished all of Gila’s goals.

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