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While traditional retail cooking packaging is dominated by brightly colored plastic films sealed around a tray of cookies, this method of packaging is really only an option for extremely high volume producers like Nabisco and Keebler.  At VisiPak,  our team focuses on providing innovative packaging for specialty bakeries and other cookie producers looking for a unique package.

Packaging Tubes

Working with specialty bakery Watanut, our team helped solve their problem of finding a clear plastic package that would allow consumers to see the cookies in the package.

Using clear plastic tube packaging allows Watanut to promote a wide variety of flavors without the need for photo shoots, graphic design time and the sourcing of tens of thousands of bags.

VisiPak supplied standard packaging tubes which Watanut decorates with low-cost stickers and labels that help identify the flavors.

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Watanut Cookie Tube Packaging

Innovative Macaron Tray

Looking for a better way to package and merchandise its delicious assortment of macarons, a prominent bakery turned to VisiPak to create a 2-piece package that could function as a tray with a lid - made in a clear, food-grade plastic with cavities designed to their exact dimensions.

To create the 2-piece package with only 1 item, the design team developed a tray with male and female connectors on each side that allowed the tray to function solely as both a tray or the lid for the tray by simply rotating it and marrying up the male and female connectors.

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Macaron Cookie Tray with Lid

Custom Clamshell Containers

While most bakeries are content using standard clamshell containers supplied by the large food distribution and food packaging companies, VisiPak has worked with a number of companies who desire a custom solution.

The example shown here is from a bakery who wanted a custom designed clamshell container to better protect their unique cupcakes.  VisiPak's design team worked with this bakery to design a series of custom clamshell containers complete with engraved branding on each container.

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Jilly's Cupcakes Custom Clamshell Packaging

Packaging Design Experience

Need a package that will stand out on the store shelf? Want to increase the shelf life of your product? Is automation requiring a more precise package with tighter tolerances?  Regardless of your design challenges, we can help.

FSSC 22000 Certified

At VisiPak, we have facilities that have earned FSSC 22000 certification - an ISO-based food safety certification program, recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative. These specifications were created to improve food safety at a global level and we apply these exacting standards when we create your custom food packaging.


Our team operates in accordance with GMP standards - the basic U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulation set forth to ensure manufacturers are proactive in developing safe and effective products.

Food Trays Rated FSSC 2200

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