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Semi-Custom ClamshellJilly's Cupcakes

When you are a two-time winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, you know your packaging needs to be a winner too.

  • Protect artistic treasures
  • Build brand name recognition
  • Present cupcakes in luxury manner they deserve

jilly's Cupcakes

The DesignThere is nothing ordinary about Jilly’s cupcakes.

They typically weigh in at nearly ½ pound and stand many inches tall so standard cupcake packaging simply would not cut it.

Jilly's Cupcakes

The Semi-Custom Solution

To adequately protect and promote each cupcake, we designed a combination clamshell-tray package with custom-fit cavities, a special hinge and an embossed lid.

The Trays

To ensure each cupcake would be held firmly in place, our design team developed a custom-sized cavity that minimized movement while still allowing for easy insertion and removal.

The Hinge

Given the extreme heights of many Jilly’s creations, we designed a special hinge to be used on all packages that provided the necessary arc to open and close without damaging the cupcake.

The Lid

Finally, we developed an embossed lid featuring the Jilly’s Cupcake Bar name that gave the package a more luxurious look, helped promote the bakery and eliminate the time and costs involved in placing a label on the package.

Jillys Cupcakes

Jilly's CupcakesThe Complete Family

When it was all said and done, we designed clamshell trays for a single cupcake, 2-packs, 4- packs and 6-packs. But we did not stop there. When local retailers started calling and Jilly’s needed to expand, we developed 24-count cupcake material handling trays to help streamline its baking and decorating operations.

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