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Clear Plastic TubesWatanut Packaging

Standing out in the competitive gourmet cookie market takes more than a great recipe. It takes a package that…

  • Offers 360° viewing of cookies
  • Protects better than flimsy plastic bag
  • Stands out on shelf
  • Keeps cookies fresh longer
WataNut Container Closeup

The Design360° Viewing

Unlike cookie tins or printed bags and boxes, VisiPak’s packaging tubes allow shoppers to see exactly what they will be getting. This was very important given that Watanut wanted to merchandise many different flavors without having to invest in separate printed packaging for each flavor.

WataNut 360 Viewing

Better Protection

Unlike flimsy plastic bags, VisiPak’s tube containers feature rigid plastic walls that truly protect the cookies from damage or breaking.

WataNut Container Closeup

Prominent Shelf Presence

While most mass market cookie packaging features printed bags or colorful film covered trays, Watanut’s plastic tube packaging truly stands out on the store shelf. VisiPak supplied a standard container and standard cap that Watanut decorated with labels for the front, back and top.

WataNut Shelf Display

A More Functional Package

Made from an FDA material approved for direct food contact, the VisiPak container provides a relatively air tight seal that keeps the cookie fresher for longer…assuming one’s appetite does not get to them sooner!

WataNut Cap

WatanutThe Complete Family

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using VisiPak tubes for its cooking packaging is that Watanut can create an almost endless number of flavors without having to invest in the design and production of new packaging.

By simply swapping out inexpensive labels used on the top and back of the package, Watanut can describe the cookies while shoppers can easily view what they are getting ready to buy.

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