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How to Cut a Tube

Custom orders or production runs of clear plastic tubing can be cut to a specified length so that each piece is the same size. Special cutting equipment is employed during the actual manufacturing process; it is not a separate process. This cutting equipment helps to make very clean cuts for the ends of each clear plastic tube.

However, 4-foot tubing is stocked and sold so that each piece can be cut in various lengths. There are a number of ways to manually cut clear plastic tubing, and often a simple pair of scissors or a paper cutter is all that is required. When using a paper cutter, it is helpful to insert an item, such as a wooden dowel or plastic pipe, inside the tubing to hold the clear tube firmly. It is best when the item inserted fits snuggley inside the tube. This process works best when you only need to cut a small volume of tubes.

When the project is larger and many tubes need to be cut, an electric mitre saw or chop saw is useful. For the cleanest cut, it is best to use a masonary blade or plastic tubing blade on the saw.

How to Determine the Length of a Hang Tube

Hang tubes are manufactured in two steps. First the tube is extruded, then one end of the tube is pressed closed, creating a closed-ended tube. Based on this, would you consider the length of the tube as the usable inside space or the actual physical length of the entire piece? Of course, this is a critical consideration when placing an order. If you have any questions, we are always ready to provide answers to help you get the best fit for your project.

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