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While the majority of the packaging containers we produce utilize our clear plastic bottom inserts, many standard and custom options exist.

Standard Caps and Plugs

For applications where the bottom of the tube does not require a permanent seal, one can explore all of the options available with our open-end tubes.  Most of our Poly Plugs can be used as bottoms.

Hang Tube Package with Poly Plug Bottom
Square Tube with Custom Poly Plug
Matching Poly Plug and Hanger Plug

Custom Molded Bottoms

In some cases, the bottom requires more functionality than simply sealing the tube.  For example, the bottoms for both Milk Makeup and Enviroscent required custom molded closures that would seal the tube, allow it to stand on a shelf and, most importantly, hold the package’s contents in place. 

Milk Makeup

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Spark Plug Packaging

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Vinyl Caps

For many applications, our packaging tubes are used for shipping and storing purposes as opposed to merchandising.  In these cases, using our friction-fit vinyl caps on both ends of the tube makes for the ideal package.

Shipping Tubes with Vinyl Caps

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Posters Tubes with Vinyl Caps

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Care Packages in Mailing Tubes

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