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Plastic Tube with Custom InsertEnviroscent Infused Scentsticks

Enviroscent wanted an innovative package that reflected the unique characteristics of its infused scent sticks.

  • Hold all components in place
  • Lock in the scents unless activated
  • Communicate its “Squeeze, Sniff, Love” message
  • Allow package to hang or stand


The DesignCustom Closures

The key element of the project involved the design of custom injection molded tops and bottoms for the clear tube packaging.


Custom Bottom Closures

Each custom-designed bottom closure features dual wall construction that ensures a snug, airtight fit along with a custom cavity to hold the porcelain dish or keep the sticks in place.

Custom Top Closures

For the design of the top closure, VisiPak engineers worked with Enviroscent’s team to create a truly unique closure. The two-piece cap, featured funnel-shape interior that not only held the sticks in place, but created a Venturi restriction that only allowed the scent to escape when the tube was squeezed.

We then embossed the words “Squeeze, Sniff, Love” into the cap to encourage customers to enjoy the scent.

Merchandising Options

The custom closures were also designed so that they could stand on a shelf or hang on a peg wall. Its unique “living hinge” allowed the hanging feature to be deployed on an as-needed basis.


EnviroscentThe Complete Family

Not only did our design team identify materials that could withstand the powerful oils in the sticks and manufacture completely customized closures, but we outfitted it with an attractive label to help draw even more attention to the product.

Finally, in keeping with the customer's focus on the environment, all materials used were 100% recyclable. Style, function, and stewardship. Mission accomplished. Oh, the smell of success. Oh, the smell of success.

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