Candy Tube Packaging

The real joy is in the candy, but if the package isn't tasteful the candy may never be enjoyed. Show off the candy inside the package with clear candy packaging tubes. Clear packaging lets the consumer examine the product, with printing or labeling options to display all criteria for the treats enclosed. Our 10" long candy tube packaging containers include one end permanently sealed and a clear cap to secure the open end. Candy tubes and clear caps are sold together and are available from our online store. Custom inquiries are welcomed, with alternative cap options for consideration.

Product Information
  • Clear plastic tube made from PETG (FDA)
  • Clear plastic permanent bottom is welded to the tube
  • Usable length is 10" making the overall length slightly longer
  • Container can be used for storage as the cap can repeatedly be taken off and put back on
  • No sharp metal lids as is typical with other candy packages
  • Printed materials can be inserted into the tubes to display artwork or graphics
  • For orders exceeding 500 units, printing services can be provided (call 1-800-949-1141 for additional information)

Candy Packaging

Candy Tubes
Can’t find what you need? 800-949-1141.

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Nominal Size Inside Dimension Material Overall Length Usable Length Box Qty Part # Buy Info
1 1 " 1.097 PETG 10.187 10.000 25 470868
1.5 1-1/2 " 1.644 PETG 10.187 10.000 25 001789
2 2 " 2.070 PETG 10.250 10.000 25 073028
  • All dimensions are approximate. Manufacturing tolerances are available upon request.
  • Note: VisiPak currently does not provide tamper resistant shrink bands, click here to visit a  supplier of various style shrink bands.
  • Product Info Request

    Resin - 1 PETG

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