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Cocoa bombs, those delectable, indulgent spheres of chocolate filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows, have taken the gift-giving world by storm. These sweet surprises are perfect for all occasions, and the packaging plays a crucial role in presenting them as the ultimate gift.

Stock and custom cocoa bomb packaging from VisiPak offers a wide range of benefits for selling and marketing cocoa bombs, ensuring that these delightful treats arrive as impressive and visually appealing gifts.

Product Protection

Cocoa bombs are sensitive to moisture and air, which can compromise their quality. Plastic tubes offer an excellent barrier against these elements, keeping the cocoa mix and marshmallows inside fresh and intact. It also allows for protection when shipping the product, ensuring the cocoa bombs will arrive intact.

Cocoa Bomb Clamshell Packaging

Product Visibility

Packaging hot chocolate bombs is all about creating a delightful experience. Therefore, cocoa bomb packaging using VisiPak's plastic tubes allows the product to be displayed, while also allowing consumers to ensure the integrity of the product that is available within the tube.

Cocoa Bomb Tube Packaging Open


Hot chocolate bomb packaging ideas are endless and designed in various sizes to accommodate different cocoa bomb dimensions and quantities. Whether you're selling single chocolate bombs, pairs, or sets, VisiPak offers numerous stock options or a custom tube can be made to fit your specific product offering.

Cocoa Bomb Packaging Display

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