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Two of the most commonly thermoformed packaging products we make at VisiPak are blisters and trays.  So, when prospective customers inquire about our abilities to manufacture "blister trays," we typically need to ask a few more questions. 

What are Blister Trays?

In general, when people refer to blister packaging of any type, they are referring to thermoformed packaging as this process involves heating a sheet of plastic to the point that it forms a bubble or "blister."  For the most part, "blister packaging" is associated with "blister packs," but since trays are made on the same machines using the same process, many people refer to thermoformed trays as "blister trays."

Blister tray packaging on an automated food packing line
Blister Trays on Packaging Line
Stack of nested blister trays
Stack of Nested Blister Trays
Close Tolerance Flanges
Blister Tray with Cavities

Blister Trays as Packaging Inserts

Many consumer packaged goods utilize blister trays to hold and store various parts and components within a larger package - often a folding carton of some sort.  In this package shown here, our team designed and manufactured a deep drawn blister tray with multiple compartments.  The tray not only protects the pieces during shipment and storage, but it also helps elevate the perceived value of the product. 

When designing these types of trays, we will often collaborate with other packaging media suppliers such as printers, card suppliers, and shipping carton producers to ensure the seamless coordination of vendors throughout the design process.

Deep drawn blister tray folding carton

Blister Trays for Food Packaging

Our team can also design and manufacture food-grade blister trays that are dispensed, filled and lidded in completely automated processes.  These types of trays often require a higher level of precision to ensure they denest properly and align perfectly with the automated filling and lidding systems. 

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Blister Trays for Food Packaging

Our Work

As one of the leading manufacturers of blister trays, we have produced packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Lidded film blister tray
Lidded Film Tray
Food Grade Blister Tray
Food Grade Blister Tray
Blister tray with compartments
Blister Tray with Compartments
Clear Food Tray
Mail Order Blister Tray
Oyster Tray
Packaging Tray for Oysters
Salmon Tray
Packaging Tray for Fish Filets
Cracker Tray
Specialty Cracker Tray
Chocolate Round Candy Tray
Candy Packaging Tray
Candy Tray
Specialty Confectionary Tray
Chocolate Squares Candy Tray
Tray for Chocolates
Medical Tray Package
Dental Kit Tray
Blister Tray with Lid
Blister Tray with Lid
Insta-Glucose Medical Tray
Medical Kit Tray
Large Packaging Insert Tray
Large Packaging Insert Tray
Small Packaging Insert Tray
Small Packaging Insert Tray

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