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Markets ServedAgriculture Packaging

VisiPak has always exhibited a great commitment to serving the agricultural market. This commitment along with our ability to design and produce high-quality, precision trays and tubes at competitive prices have positioned us as a leader in the agricultural packaging market.

Commitment to the Environment

“VisiPak is concerned about the natural environment, the health and safety of our employees and the livability of our community. To this end we are committed to continuously striving to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.”

Our Portland Oregon manufacturing location has received environmental awards including the Gresham Great Recycler and Great Business awards, honoring its efforts and commitment to the local communities and beyond.

Precision Trays

Our team's design experience combines with our extensive manufacturing capabilities to create better solutions. For example, one of the largest foresty management companies in the country was looking for a seed plug tray that would allow its workers to plant tree seedlings more efficiently.

Our engineers developed sophisticated tooling with integrated water lines that cooled sections of the mold to allow for more consistent material distribution. This ingenuity allowed us to create the small, tapered cavities complete with a rigid flat bottom that could be sliced off prior to shipment.

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Agriculture Seedling Trays

Tube Packaging

Over the years, several lawn care companies have chosen VisiPak to supply mutil-purpose tubes packages that not only serve to merchandise the product on the store shelf, but also act as a storage container for the end consumer.

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Pennington Smart Feed Tube Packaging

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