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Let The Light Shine Through To Help Your Product Bloom!

A beautiful flower garden is a delight to the eyes and meals prepared directly from a vegetable garden worked with your own hands is pure pride and joy. However, before you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, there is the hassle of applying the fertilizer. That is until now. Pennington designed a revolutionary sprayer system that clearly takes the mess out of applying fertilizer.


The new sprayer system uses round tablets and the perfect packaging solution for the supply of tablets is a round tube.

An online search resulted in conversations that led to a clear packaging container from VisiPak. The clear round container provides the end-user benefits such as:

  • View the number of tablets in the tube
  • Keep tablets stored safely
  • Know when the supply is running low
  • Easy transfer to sprayer’s container

The clear container package uses a flexible bottom insert to provide impact resistance and is topped off with a snugfitting poly plug. Adding a label directly to the container package makes this container stand out on the retail shelves.

Packaging For Weed and Feed Elements

High quality, specially developed lawn and garden food and weed prevention products need a protective packaging container. In addition, a packaging container that shows the contents allows the user to know when it is time to restock the supply. There is nothing better than a clear tube package container for solving the problem.

With one end of a tube permanently sealed add a plug or cap to complete the container. Create the perfect package to protect the product from outside elements while letting the container provide function for the end-user.

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