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Package Doubles as Container

This manufacturer traditionally packaged its glues in individual blister packs that essentially consisted of a clear plastic cover on paperboard backing.  Once opened, consumers would discard the packaging and store the glue in a drawer or on a shelf - often out of sight and out of mind.

The Challenge

In an effort to increase sales, our client wanted to create 4-packs and 6-packs that would encourage customers to use more of their glues and adhesives.  The question was what kind of package to use.  Some goals included:

  • A clear package so one could see the items inside
  • Stand out in the retail environment
  • A package that could double as a storage container
  • Ability to be merchandised in a POP display or on a peg wall

The Solution

To create a package that would double as a container, our design team recommended a standard clear plastic tube with a friction-fit vinyl hanger cap.  This would allow the end consumer to open and close the tube as needed while providing a convenient container to store all of the glues once they got home.

The vinyl hanger cap fits snugly onto the tube and remains in place with no shrink bands or tape,but it is also easy to manually remove and reapply.  Plus, the clear tube allows consumers to easily examine the contents and VisiPak was able to match the orange color required for its branding and merchandising goals.

Dual Merchandising Options

The clear hang-tube container stood out in the retail environments while requiring minimal shelf space space.  The new package encouraged larger purchases while maximizing sales per square foot.

The custom orange vinyl hanger caps not only helped the product stand out in the store, but they allowed the package to be merchandised multiple ways.  It could displayed along with the individual packages as shown in the POP display here or hung on a peg wall.

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