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Thermoformed ClamshellHigh Visibility, Multi-Functional, Theft Deterrent Packaging

Designing functional packaging for over-the-counter medications is one of the more challenging tasks that our designers face.  However, our design team is always up for the challenge.

The Challenges

The product was already packaged in very small tubes and pumps, but retail-friendly packaging was needed that would:

  • Provide High Visibility - Educate prospective customers while showing internal packaging
  • Multi-functional - Display nicely on a hanging display, peg wall or sitting on a shelf
  • Minimize Theft - Create a secondary package that was too large to easily fit into a pocket or purse
Docosanol Cavity and Security Packaging

A Multi-Functional Package

Knowing that CVS stores could potentially utilize peg walls, hanger displays or shelves to merchandise these products, a package that would display nicely in each environment was developed.

  • An oversized clamshell was specified so that there would be plenty of space to explain the product...which was CVS branded generic.
  • A slot hang tab was positioned in the top of the clamshell to allow for hanging.
  • A foot was molded into the backside of the package so it would stand on a shelf.


Docosanol Hang or Stand Options

Designed Stability 

When designing the foot of the clamshell, the engineering team had to calculate the weight of the product to determine the size of the foot and the angle needed to achieve a proper balance on the store shelf.

The final design blended the balance required to keep the clamshell upright while minimizing the footprint of the package - an important factor to the retailer for whom shelf space is very important.

Docosanol Standing

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