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Thermoformed ClamshellTheft Deterrent Clamshell Package

With a retail price tag that typically exceeds $50, our client was facing a lot of issues related to theft or retail shrinkage.

The Challenges

The company had determined that they could add a security device into the package to set off an alarm, but the ultimate goal was to deter the theft in the first place. 

They essentially wanted to be able to add big red lettering on each package that would let potential thieves know that the package contained a security device.  Of course, this led to two big challenges:

  • How to print on the clamshell.
  • Who had the capacity to print over 1 million units annually.


Seresto Packaging Standing

Integrated Design

Knowing that the clamshell package would require a permanent seal, the design of the clamshell and material specified needed to consider these objectives.

The printing team would also need a flat surface that they could access to print the message.

Working together, the team developed a solution that accomplished all three goals and yielded a message that was very prominently displayed on the package.

Seresto Packaging Printed Text

A Benefit of Clear Packaging

In addition to the message on the front of the package, the inherent characteristics of the clear plastic packaging did the rest.

The round cavity on the clamshell package was designed to precisely hold the internal packaging while clearly displaying:

  • Product and Size Information
  • Storage and Disposal Information
  • The Security Device
Seresto Packaging Back

The Result

Both our client and its retailers knew that restricting access to the high-value collars would have caused sales of this great product to drop drastically.

By deterring theft, retailers were still able to aggressively merchandise the collars within the store and on end caps like this...leading to both reduced theft AND increased sales.


Seresto Packaging Store Display

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