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While the National Sunflower Association traces the sunflower's seed use as a snack to native American tribes, many suggest that it gained its popularity from Major League Baseball...including St. Louis Cardinal baseball legends Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter.  Regardless, sunflower seeds are now a bona fide snack food and the Sunflower Food Company wanted an innovative package for its Sunny Seeds line of gourmet, chocolate covered, seeds.

The Challenges

The Sunny Seed line of chocolate covered sunflower seeds came in a wide variety of flavors which were exhibited in an array of colors. The designers wanted:

  • A clear package that would display the colorful seeds.
  • A package that would act as a storage container after its initial opening.
  • A convenient and durable container ideal for on-the-go snacking.
  • A flexible and cost-effective solution.
Sunflower Seed Packaging Tubes

360° Viewing

Using FDA materials approved for direct food contact, the VisiPak team specified a standard container from its line of clear plastic packaging tubes and caps. 

The clear tubes allow prospective customers to be enticed by the colorful selection of scrumptious seeds contained within while eliminating the need for expensive graphical packaging or labels.

Sunflower Seeds Two Sizes

Package + Storage Container

Unlike many snack foods, Sunny Seeds were not designed to be eaten all at one time.  By specifying its innovative flip top lid, the VisiPak design team was able to create a package that would double as a reusable storage container.

The innovative flip-top lid features a built-in "living hinge" that allows it to open and close easily while providing a secure seal. Plus, the lid and container are made from polypropylene, a relatively easy material to recycle.

Sunny Seeds Top Label

Convenient & Durable

Since Sunny Seeds were designed for "on-the-go snacking," the packaging needed to be both durable and convenient.  So, the VisiPak team specified a structurally sound tube that would protect the seeds without crushing or breaking.

The rectangular tube was designed in sizes that would allow the customer to easily carry the seeds in his/her backpack, purse or pocket.  Plus, the rectangular tube does not roll when set on a surface and is outfitted with a flat bottom insert that allows it to stand upright as well.  

Sunny Seeds Small Container Open

Flexible & Cost Effective

Perhaps, best of all, the Sunflower Food Company benefitted from the fact that every part of this innovative package was a standard item for VisiPak.  There were no tooling charges and the sampling and prototyping process was quick and cost-effective.

Plus, the flexible extrusion process allows the Sunflower Food Company to produce the clear plastic tubes in virtually any length without incurring tooling charges and prototyping expenses.

Sunny Seeds Top Label

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