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Donation Container Aids Collection for Red Cross At Industry Trade Show

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The 2015 National Plastics Expo recorded over 70,000 attendees making the placement of a donation container for Red Cross contributions a brilliant idea. Standing 4 foot high with a slotted pull tab plug securing the top, attendees could easily walk by and watch the donations grow!

The Society of the Plastics Industry, SPI, is the producer of a major annual trade show known as NPE (National Plastics Exposition). NPE is one of the largest events in the industry and reports 70,000 attendees and over 2,000 exhibitors at the 2015 show, using one million square foot of exhibit hall space. More than 20,000 unique companies from around the globe participated and represented a vast assortment of industries. With an audience of this size the decision to team up with the Red Cross was sure to prove a tremendous success.

The Flexible Vinyl Alliance (FVA), along with its affiliate SPI, created an entire display that would not only be informative for attendees, but it also included a portable medical isolation containment unit for observation. The unit is used for isolation and helps to protect the general public and medical professionals who want to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This type of unit is used to aid the containment of Ebola and SARS. In addition, other medical products for personal protection were on display. In fact, a few mannequins were donned in the garb for a more effective presentation!

SPI and FVA thought about another way to help and extended an invitation to the local Red Cross, which was accepted. Across the front of the centered podium, the American Red Cross icon was boldly presented. Alongside the display was a 5 inch diameter by 4 foot tall clear tube container with a slotted Pull Tab Plug to secure the contents. The slots allow contributors to drop in their donation. It is reported that more than $7,000 was collected and donated (online) throughout the show.

"Martin Pottle, making THE first donation to the Red Cross minutes after we put "the tube" in place!" - Kevin Ott of the Flexible Vinyl Alliance

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Vinyl products are often under scrutiny, but there is no denying the sheer number of items made from vinyl and their benefits. Says FVA’s Executive Director Kevin Ott, “While some of the best-known, but often unrecognized uses of PVC include wire and cable jacketing, medical tubing, blood bags, roofing, flooring and wall coverings, the material is suitable for an almost limitless range of products offering superior and proven performance characteristics, particularly in healthcare settings, that are essential to patient safety and survival, as we deal with pandemic containment and protecting the general population. Lacking a vaccine for Ebola at this time, PVC plays an essential role as a barrier material between the health care worker and the fluids that are known to spread the virus.”

VisiPak was very happy to participate is such a great event, even in a small way. With the show ready to open in just 10 days, VisiPak learned SPI was looking for a clear tube measuring 5-8 inches in diameter and 3-4 foot tall to be used to collect donations at the show. On the same day the request was made, in fact in less than 2 hours, a 5 inch diameter x 4 foot tall clear tube was being sent to the show. One end of the tube was permanently sealed and a slotted Pull Tab Plug completed the container. Said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing at VisiPak, “This request was no problem and I’m thankful they asked.  We’re happy to help and love the concept.”

Although VisiPak offers donation containers, this is not a standard size. Still, with a sample lab ready to provide customers fast inspection, the special donation container did not cause any concern. “I really appreciate your fast and complete response.  It was a great gesture” said Terry Peters, CAE, Senior Director Technical & Industry Affairs, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association. He sent VisiPak a heartfelt thank you after the show. He indicated several hundreds of dollars in on site cash donations was counted. It all adds up to great success.

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