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Plastic Jars / Vials

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Vial Cap Small Cap with Integral Side Seal
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Utilizing state-of-the art European technology and the latest resin-processing techniques, Visipak’s plastic jars and vials offer excellent clarity, durability, and recyclability.  Each jar / vial comes with a dual-walled, threaded cap that secure the containers content and provides an extremely tight seal.

  • Easy-open threaded caps with integral double-seal
  • Exclusive sealing feature substantially extends product shelf life for worry-free pre-packaging
  • Airtight and watertight environment
  • Odortight for secure storage and content privacy
  • Double-sealed lid retains consistent level of humidity
  • Molded from lightweight, eco-friendly, natrual-gas-based polypropylene
  • Advanced technology requires 30% to 50% less material than competitors
  • Special additive blocks 100% of UV light
  • BPA-free, non-leaching medical grade plastic
  • FDA approved and food-contact compliant
 13 MM 22 MM  25 MM 
 28 MM 33 MM  38 MM 
  43 MM  53 MM  

All jars / vials are manufactured from Metallocene Polypropylene, a plastic resin derived from natural gas, the cleanest of all fossil fuels and a resource that is abundantly available in North America.  To encourage recyclability, all plastic jars and vials are engraved with the recycle mark (#5).

The company’s molding equipment is electronically servo driven, using the latest valve gate technology, and a closed loop pulse cooling system within the manufacturing process placing Visipak on the leading edge of the industry. The quality controlled results speak for themselves in the exceptional attributes of the product.

Over 100 Sizes 
From small ¼ inch diameter vials to plastic jars measuring over 1.5” wide and 3” tall, the Visipak product line includes over 100 sizes.  Click on an image above to access specifications and pricing information.

Our Plastic Polypropylene Jars and Vials Have Many Uses:

  • Health & Dental Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy Containers
  • Lab Sampling Vials and Jars
  • Lubricant and Grease Containers
  • Novelties & Ad Specialties
  • Micro Vials for Laboratory Use
  • Automotive Packaging
  • Containers for In-Process Protection
  • Small Parts Containers
  • Contacts and Pins
  • Hardware and Household Repair Items
  • Sample Jars & Vials
  • Fishing Bait
  • Beads, Glitter & Other Art and Craft Items
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