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Dual Purpose TubingOrange Screw

A product that is designed for multiple uses needs a tube to serve a dual purpose.

  • As a clear protective sleeve.
  • A drive tool.

Orange Screw

The Design ChallengeIn the design and development stage, standard PVC pipe was used.

Inconsistencies and high tolerances prohibited this option from a functional perspective, not to mention the opaque materials were not very desirable from a marketing perspective.

Orange Screw

The Solution

To adequately use and promote the screws, we designed a dual purpose, precisly fitting, clear tube with critical attention to tolerances.

The ResultClear Tubing that Really Makes the Product Shine

Using the clear tubing made the packaging and branding process simpler because the customer could see exactly what was inside. VisiPak was able to dial in the tolerances for a great consistent fit as well.

Orange Screw

Orange ScrewThe Complete Package

The initial Orange Screw line featured two standard sizes each requiring their own clear plastic tube and label.

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