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No Monkeying Around, Just Clean and Clear

Bicycles can develop problems during rides that must be fixed on the go, like chains falling off. So what are you to do if your hands get dirty while making repairs? With so many biking enthusiasts around the world, there had to be others with the same problem. Two avid cyclists successfully developed a product to solve the dirty, greasy problem. The two cycling entrepreneurs knew they needed to package their new product and take it to market.

A blister package from VisiPak became the ideal choice. The clear blister allows the product to be stored and displayed while the header card secures it. The flip side of the header card displays all necessary instructions for the consumer to easily read. The clear plastic thermoformed case, or blister pack, is designed to hold 3 packs of the special cleaning wipes.

The end result creates a light-weight container capable of easy transport. The package is perfect for online e-commerce associated with several biking retailers. Another exciting adventure for this new product was the exposure received from appearing on the television show SHARK TANK. This Grease Monkey is a winner!

Calling All Grease Monkeys

Tidy blister packages hang neatly from the retail shelves, and a variety of hanging options are available when VisiPak produces thermoformed blisters. Most header cards are applied with a heatseal coating to adhere to the plastic material. Other materials can be used to bond to the blister.

Tampering is fully evident with blister packaging making consumers confident of the security of the product inside. This is a feature often used in many pharmaceutical packages, but is very suitable for consumer goods, as well.

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