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Clear Tube Packaging ContainerDistress Markers

New Packaging Generates Online Sales From New Markets

Manufacturer of commercial ink products and innovative brands required a change for selling markers. Originally, packaging was designed with a focus for sales at art studios. A horizontally laid box took up space and retailed for a very high price point. In order to secure contracts with mass retail outlets new packaging designs would require a smaller footprint while still allowing the color of each marker to be visible to the user. In addition, containment of the markers for storage and transport was of high importance.

A Google search for clear packaging resulted in the new tube packaging container solution. A 3-1/2” diameter clear plastic tube with a permanent rigid bottom and a poly plug holds 49 markers. The clear tube packaging not only creates a compact storage container capable of easy transport, but also greatly reduced the price point for the container. As a result, the markers were perfect for e-commerce, and other markets soon began purchasing the products, generating skyrocketing sales.

Jilly's Cupcakes

From the most delicate artist brush to the best sketching tool, the artist’s tools need a protective packaging container.

Paint brushes, nail brushes, make-up artist’s brushes and more, all require a packaging container and what better way to display and protect them than with a clear tube package. Permanently seal one end or use two closures to provide access from either end. Next add a hanging plug, hanging cap or a clear cap, with or without an air vent for drying. Create the perfect package to protect and preserve your favorite artist tools.

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