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Thermoformed Clear Plastic TraysITW Rippey Corporation

Thermoformed Clear Plastic Trays

ITW Rippey Corporation is a manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol products (PVA) for critical cleaning devices. Specifically, the brush rollers produced by ITW Rippey Corporation add to a complex operation of a much larger process. The manufacturing cleanrooms of technical companies worldwide depend on products such as brush rollers. The semiconductor industry is one such technical field and ITW Rippey has served this industry for over 26 years.

Setting aside the highly technical requirements of producing the PVA brush rollers, other areas of concern in regards to critical cleaning processes need to be identified. At ITW Rippey this means the handling of the brush roller is a major concern, thus packaging under these special conditions becomes of utmost importance.

ITW Rippey approached VisiPak with the handling and packaging concerns of the brush rollers.

VisiPak responded with one of its most innovative designs. The brush rollers are now contained in a thermoformed clear plastic tray providing high value to protecting the sensitive product.

"Although product protection and minimizing movement of the product is paramount, the reciprocal snap-perimeter design of the tray is what makes it most effective. The tray actually snaps to itself when placed in an opposing position, forming an excellent seal," said Rod Whittier, Thermoformed Products Manager, VisiPak. The combined elements of all features results in a shipping tray, which then forms a shipping container keeping the product free of dust and debris.

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The innovative design feature of the clear plastic tray allows for the production of a single tool, thus eliminating thousands of dollars in mold and die costs. The new plastic tray packaging is formed from eco-friendly .035 PET for a rigid part with a crystal-clear appearance allowing for visible inspection in each phase of the developmental process.

"VisiPak is constantly trying to finds ways to offer the best solution for our customers, and we feel as though this particular tray design not only saves the customer money, but doubles its value to their process," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Manufacturing for VisiPak and all the Sinclair & Rush Companies. "That's not bad in a down economy," Jeff continued, "and there is a benefit for VisiPak too, as we are able to prove the value of the services we can offer."

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