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Thermoformed Shipping TrayStandard Motor Products, Inc.

Heavy Duty Black Plastic Tray

Standard Motor Products, Inc., (SMP) is a leading independent manufacturer, distributor and marketer of replacement parts for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry, with an increasing focus on the original equipment and original equipment service markets. Opening its doors in 1919, SMP now maintains two major operating segments, each of which focuses on a specific line of replacement parts. The Engine Management Segment manufactures a full line of engine management related products, including ignition and emission parts, on-board computers, ignition wires, battery cables and fuel system parts. The Temperature Control Segment manufactures and remanufactures a full line of replacement parts for automotive air conditioning and heating systems.

In accordance with the automotive industry standard supplier procedures, SMP was looking for cost reductions for a newly awarded project. The StockCap Automotive Components Group (ACG) has been supplying SMP since 2003, and through this existing business relationship SMP was introduced to VisiPak. Learning of the thermoforming capabilities of VisiPak, SMP approached the thermoformer with a special request. SMP already had a tray designed to hold a replacement fuel injection system. The tricky part for VisiPak was the strength requirement of the tray. The tray had to provide protection for the expensive product it would contain.

Standard material for VisiPak is PVC, PET or PETG, which is somewhat flexible material. Since the strength of the tray was of utmost importance, high density polyethylene (HDPE) material was chosen for the project. "HDPE requires a more precise design due to the rate of material shrinkage in each of the different molding phases," said Rod Whittier, Thermoformed Products Manager for VisiPak. The delicate components containing electrical and hydraulic functions, needed to rest securely in the tray preventing it from being jostled at any point of handling. From production to the store shelf, the HDPE thermoformed tray had to be strong enough to protect its contents. Ultimately, the heavy gauge .055 HDPE material in conjunction with the contour of the given cavitations created an excellent product protection shipping tray.

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About SMP

Standard Motor Products, Inc. has made a positive impact on the automotive marketplace and beyond. Meeting customer demands in many different market channels is one of the qualities that sets SMP apart. SMP is environmentally conscious and committed to making a difference with efficient and green manufacturing processes.

SMP products are distributed primarily to warehouse distributors, large retail chains, national program distribution groups, specialty market distributors, original equipment manufacturers and original equipment service part operations. Parts are distributed under our own brand names, such as Standard, BWD, Hayden and Four Seasons, and through private labels.

In addition to the traditional automotive replacement market, SMP has engineered product solutions for the military, high-performance, agricultural, industrial and heavy-equipment markets. SMP has led the way in innovative technologies such as 'next generation' low emission hybrid systems, CNG and LPG fueled vehicles, diesel emission controls, and high-flow injection.

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