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Thermoformed ContainerHANDMoto

HANDMoto is an education-based company that provides innovative solutions to help students learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a lidded thermoformed tray that would not only hold all of the product's components, but would also include a plastic lid that doubled as a clear, erasable whiteboard.

Handmoto Tray with Notches

The Tray Design

After gathering the components that would be included in the tray, Indepak's design team created multiple channels and compartments in the tray to hold the markers, eraser and worksheets.  Notches were added to create friction fit cavities to hold the markers while the molds were etched to integrate HANDMoto's branding into the tray.

Handmoto Tray Close Up

The Thermoformed Lid

Indepak's design team then turned their attention to creating a clear lid for the tray that would double as a dry erase board while not staining - even after many uses.  After extensive testing, the team identified a PETG material that would function as needed and then etched the lid with tiny divots to create the surface needed to accomplish its goals.

Handmoto Dry Erase

The Result

This unique product was able to help kids everywhere learn valuable skills in a cost-effective manner as the innovative dry-erase-board-lid allowed the kit's worksheets to be used over and over again. 

HANDMoto Packaging

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