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ContainersClear Plastic Round Containers

Clear Plastic Round Tubes & Containers

Several sizes of clear plastic round tubes are stocked, but custom lengths can be extruded and cut to the desired lengths. Many styles of caps and plugs can be added to transform the clear plastic tube into a container. Or, the clear round tube can be converted to a container by permanently sealing one end. The choices are a rigid bottom or a flexible bottom, and both styles have a variety of caps and plugs to complete the package.

It is best to select a plastic tube container size before deciding on a cap or plug, as not all caps and plugs fit all tube diameters.

What is the difference in rigid and flexible bottom containers?

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Markets Served

At VisiPak, we offer round tubes and container solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our notable expertise lies in assisting customers in the food, retail, and cosmetics industries to develop solutions that elevate their products and set them apart. Explore more about the industries we cater to below.

Tube Packaging for Food

Food Packaging

VisiPak provides a range of stock and custom tube solutions that cater to the diverse food industry. Our distinctive approach to food packaging enables us to deliver solutions that safeguard the product while ensuring 360-degree visibility for product integrity.

Tube Packaging for Retail

Retail Packaging

Apart from providing tailor-made packaging solutions to several major consumer packaged goods companies, we also present a diverse collection of stock and custom tubes suitable for various retail applications.

Tube Packaging for Cosmetics

Cosmetic Packaging

In the cosmetics market, there is a demand for inventive solutions that not only showcase products aesthetically but also differentiate them from competitors on the shelves. VisiPak has assisted many companies with leveraging both ready-made and custom tubes for their product solutions.

Round Container Gallery

Milk Makeup
Milk Makeup
Plus Plus Blocks
Plus Plus Toys
Kona Coffee
Honolulu Coffee Beans
Dog Food
Polkadog Treats
Cleaning Solution
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden

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To inquire about a custom size or length, please contact us using our Request Quote Form or by phone at 1.800.949.1141. If you're looking for a different style of plastic tube container, please visit the main plastic tube packaging page.

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