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Thermoformed TrayDurable Plant Liner Tray

One of the largest companies in the timber industry was looking for a more durable plant liner tray for use in its nurseries and during the transportation of seedlings to sites. The current supplier had a long lead time and struggled to make the high-quality trays as desired. VisiPak’s design team was brought in to see if they could make a more durable tray that accomplished three goals.

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Increased Durability

VisiPak’s design team re-engineered the tray by distributing material to key areas rather than using heavy walls throughout the tray.

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Reduced Cost

The new design could be processed quickly with less material thanks to VisiPak’s world-class thermoforming equipment and processes.

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Environmentally Friendly

Not only did VisiPak use recycled material, but the newly engineered design required less of it – creating a lighter weight, yet stronger tray.

Industry Standard Size

VisiPak’s team was able to achieve all of these goals while still adhering to industry standard sizes and footprints for a nursery tray.

Plant Liner Tray

End Result

The new tray was received so positively and functioned so well that our client wanted to go beyond using it solely in their own operation to offering it to others.

Plant Liner Product Tray

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