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Thermoformed ContainerComic Book Protector

In the world of comic books, protecting the integrity of the item is critical to maintaining its value and ensuring its lifespan for generations to come.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to find a way to store and display higher-value comic books while not breaking the bank.  While solutions existed on the market, they were simply too expensive.  What their marketing needed was an inexpensive, but still very protective clear plastic container.

Comic Book Protector

The Solution

Visipak's design team worked with the inventor to create a thermoformed plastic "case” that would hold and protect the comic book, while still allowing both an easy view and easy access to the item.  The team started by integrating a series of "support grooves" to give the tray some added rigidity.  After this, they employed exterior channels to give the case even more support and accommodated a friction-fit lid.  

Comic Book Protector

The Result

Our client was able to meet the demand in the market for a better comic book case at a competitive price.  The transparent, recyclable, thin-gauge plastic allowed for easy viewing and displaying in a reusable case.

Comic Book Packaging

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