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It is said that most objectives can best be accomplished simply by remaining focused. When a project or team remains focused on the goals, we are told the success is greater and often comes sooner than anticipated. Late in the year 2009, a strange transition took place in regards to the focus of one particular mission, completely destroying the above belief. However, in a uniqe turn of events, another project took focus and it has truly been an unexpected success.

In December 2009, a management team for the StockCap division of Sinclair & Rush, Inc. traveled to Southern California to explore a potential new product line. At some point the focus of the trip was tossed and replaced by an option for a related division. Instead of StockCap adding a line to its offer of plastic caps and plugs, VisiPak, the packaging division of Sinclair & Rush, was introduced to a line of small plastic jars and threaded vials. Today, VisiPak successfully promotes over nine different size diameter of vials each with 10 to 15 varying lengths equating to over 100 vials from which to select. "Although an awkward way to approach business, vials are a perfectly matched addition to our packaging business," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sinclair & Rush. He continued saying, "Sales of the plastic jars has increased every month since we've added the line, and we will soon add more sizes."

VisiPak manufacturers injection molded vials and small plastic jars using 30+ years of combined experience in the plastic injection molding industry to support the quality of the product. Adding to the value of this experience is the use of the most current technology in all areas including materials and processing. Just as important, VisiPak proudly produces the vials and small plastic jars in the USA.

Plastic jars and vials are produced from metallocene polypropylene which features characteristics of clarity and durability, while providing a safe and reliable substitute for antiquated polystyrene, which is less friendly to the environment. In addition, this material is capable of being controlled by outside forces while processing, allowing for adjustments when needed. With a very high gloss rating, this material can be tinted with a transparent color tint or opaque custom colors, but clear is standard.

With technical details too deep to go into in this paper, it is safe to say that this polypropylene metamorphoses with the use of natural gas, the cleanest of all fossil fuels. When combining the advantages of the latest resin-processing techniques with electronically servo driven molding equipment that uses the latest gate valve technology and closed loop pulse cooling system, the quality of the product is on the leading edge.

Jars and threaded vials are produced with thinner walls, using less material and adding to the environmental benefits. The added value of the thinner wall to the customer is lower shipping costs. All vial molds are engraved to indicate the recycle mark #5 and, since the cap is also made of recyclable material, the entire product is environmentally friendly. Caps for the jars and vials are produced from high density polyethylene and are available in black with either a smooth finish or ribbed for gripping ease.

The current VisiPak offer for threaded vials and small jars will soon expand to another diameter size with 15 different lengths, each with a choice of cap style. Two cap styles are offered: a threadedcap or the threaded cap with an inner-seal. The primary difference in the caps is the integral side seal. Essentially, it replaces messy foam liners used in competitor products. The side seal is built-in providing additional measures to secure the contents.

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