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VisiPakNew Rigid Bottom Offers Alternatives

Arnold, MO - November 18, 2009 - VisiPak is expanding your options for a sealed bottom container by offering a new style of its original PermaSeal™. The original PermaSeal bottom is very flexible, but the new PermaSeal II™ is extremely rigid. Made from PETG material, the new rigid bottom allows for the use of the resin identification code 1and, PETG is an approved material for packaging by all major retailers. Another feature of the new rigid style includes the shortened length of the lip, or the portion inserted into a tube, which makes the sealed bottom container slightly lighter in weight than the original PermaSeal.

Both PermaSeal container styles consist of a tube and bottom plug inserted into the end of the tube and secured with a permanent adhesive. Adding a cap or plug on the opposite end of the tube forms the complete tube container with one permanently sealed bottom. VisiPak has a wide selection of caps and plugs including options to create a hanging tube, a popular choice. Follow this link to see all the VisiPak plastic tube cap and plug closure options.

While the new PermaSeal II style is an extremely efficient design for retail packaging, the original remains a solid choice to package industrial tools, such as drill bits and cutting tools that have sharp points. The original sealed bottom container utilizes a flexible PVC bottom that will not split or crack even under pressure. Designed to absorb impact, it has the highest impact strength in the industry.

The new PermaSeal II rigid bottom works best for retail applications primarily due to its lightweight nature, appearance and efficient use of space. The rigid PETG bottom weighs in extremely light, adding little to the weight of the entire container. One reason for this is the lip or length of the bottom insert plug is shorter than that of the flexible bottom. This shortened length reduces the amount of visible contact space between the tube and insert plug, yielding an attractive look to the sealed bottom container. Another benefit of the shortened length is additional usable space inside the tube container.

In addition to the appearance and use of space, the new PermaSeal II is composed entirely of PETG and this material is FDA approved. It also allows for use of the resin identification code of 1. Overall, the use of PETG material provides excellent clarity making it a perfect retail package. "With the addition of the PETG rigid bottom to our mix we can offer the best options to both retail and industrial packaging customers. Traditionally, the cutting tool industry largely require the features of the flexible bottom and we are pleased to give our retail accounts the option for the rigid bottom that best fits their needs," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing for VisiPak.

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