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VisiPakDoubles Line of Stock Clamshell Packaging

VisiPak eyes the future by doubling its line of stock clamshell packaging.  Having already built a significant presence in the plastic tube packaging market with its line of standard and stocked clear plastic tubes and containers, the VisiPak division of Sinclair & Rush is now set on attaining this same status for its thermoformed clamshells. 

With the recent addition of 10 new sizes, the company now offers 21 stock clamshells.  Each clamshell is available for immediate shipment in minimum quantities that range from 50 to 600 units per case and online ordering is available.   Packaging cavity space ranges from less than 2 cubic inches to over 40 cubic inches and all designs incorporate space for printed insert cards.  All stock clamshells are recyclable and made from a blend of recycled PVC and PET.

“Most thermoformers in the United States focus on producing custom thermoformed packages or food packaging in extremely large quantities,” said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sinclair & Rush.  “There is a real void in the market for those looking for thousands or tens of thousands of packages and we aim to fill that void,”

Continued expansion of the clamshell product line is expected as the company already manufactures and stocks over 100 standard packaging tubes with 176 cap and plug options, 150 clear plastic vials, 24 clear mailing tubes and 42 specialty containers. 

“As a manufacturing company, it is likely the majority of our business will continue to be for custom or made to order items.  Our operation, however, is set up to stock and ship small orders effectively and this allows us to ship directly to end customers without the need for middlemen,” said Barket.

All items are shipped from the company’s manufacturing and distribution facility in St. Louis, Missouri and more information is available at

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